Lavender Cares Agency

Your Trusted Home Care Agency Serving Northern Virginia

Lavender Cares provide Home Care services

for clients in Northern Virginia

Lavender Cares Agency is a licensed Home Care provider, serving Northern Virginia. L.C.A is a registered Limited Liability Company, (LLC), whose mission is to be an active participant in the community while continuously providing improvement of home health care services.

Lavender cares agency is the fastest growing home care agency that provides excellent and professional care to everyone, caring for over hundreds of individual since 2016.

We help enrich the lives of our clients that we serve with respect, compassion and continuously improve their quality of life

Our services include Personal Care assistant Medication Management, Illness/Disability, RN & LPN services, End of Life services, Physical Therapy, transportation and more.

Our licensed and exceptionally trained team of medical healthcare Professionals are ready to meet your every need.

In addition, Lavender cares agency has professional Care Experts who provide vital resources and decision support to clients and families in need;